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CraZy's Admin App.

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Real Name:Salman

Game Name:CraZy

How can you help the team: i know every player in the server i know the rules and i'm really helpful,and i can help every one.i'll keep suggesting more better ideas to community to develop  the server and i think server need some skills admins.

Why you think you must become Admin: I'm not asking to only accept me there are my active players like Devil  but according to me i got knowledge how to Catch the hackers Because i've Expirence it many Times And I'm Playing Samp kind of long times with my friends some of them left the samp and it's my pleasure to become an admin here.

Describe yourself:Active,Friendly,Trusted,respectful.

Will you follow the rules:Ofc,yes

Will you speak politly to players and other admins/helpers:Yes i'll.



How much score you have?



137 but I'll definitely increase it to 1k as  soon as possible,
I know my score is not enough but i know my experience & skills are enough for this position.



Ok bro when you get 1k score then play our server 5-7 its not enough.ok?

                                  DENIED APPLY AGAIN IN 7 DAYS


You are here » The Great Cops And Robbers : » Denied Admins/Helpers » CraZy's Admin App.