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Advanced Rob System

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Well, i've been wondering for a while, the /robstore system is too old fashioned. So, here's my suggestion to improve it

To rob a store, player must aim his/her gun at the clerk and he/she will start to slowly give you money till they run out (it will force u into an animation so, no need to keep pointing the gun).
For extra cash we can add safes inside the store, players might be able to kill the clerk too, while robbing store, but they get low cash while robbing the safe then.

Some high pay shops (like ammu,just increase the robbing price of ammu) can have NPC inside them, they will attack the player if they try to rob with shitty guns. So, you must kill them to rob the store

Bank Robbery:
Bank Robbey to be added as a heist (gta 5 style) . Players form a heist crew with specific roles for every crew member (leader, hacker, detonator, driver etc) and perform some heist missions before robbing the actual bank. They can have two choices:
1)Get inside the bank with a bang(blowing up safes, killing guards etc) This will notify the cops immediately and will lead to higher bank rob cash
2)Going in smartly (Gasing the bank staff with sleeping gas, Hacking the doors to open them) The cops will be notified only after the heist is complete, but it will lead to lower bank rob cash.
There can also be a random failure rate for the smart system, so they have to eventually go in loudly and notify the cops.
If a heist member dies during a bank robbery (before completing his heist objectives), the robbery fails.




-hard but we will try

                                                                              nice idea




-but is very hard.  we will see if we can make it