General Rules
Any form of discrimination or racism will not be tolerated
Flooding, Spam, Advertising, and Printing capital letters in chat is not allowed
Insults, Threats, Slander, as well as Obscenity will not be tolerated
Cheating/hacking and Exploitation of bugs will get you banned.
Instigating others to violate the rules is punishable
Heli-Blade killing and Car Ramming or Parking is not allowed
Park your owned vehicle in a sensible spot, preferably at your home.
Farming Score/XP/Money is unacceptable, you will be banned for this.
Do not impersonate any members of the staff
Do not drive-by without a driver.
Do not question administrative actions.

Civilian Rules
Do not quit or pause to avoid anything. You will be jailed for this
Do not tie abuse. (Leaving a player once tied)
Team killing is not allowed.

LEO Rules
LEO players must not kill innocent civilians.
If you are LEO, do not assist criminals
Do not EMP vehicles if there are not wanted players inside.
Roadblock and Spike Strip abuse are not allowed
The rules above are strictly punishable if violated. It may be account suspension or permanent ban depends on the level of the violation and the judgment of the administrator(s). You may allow making an appeal in the forum if you think that you don't deserve the punishment. And lastly, we also accept apologies but it also depends on your violation and sincerity.